Real stories from people takING INGREZZA to treat tardive dyskinesia (TD)

Moira, real patient with TD and her husband Forrest

See how taking INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules resulted in less TD movements for these patients.

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Explore Amy’s journey from TD diagnosis to treatment with INGREZZA. View her full story or select a specific milestone from the chapters below:

Amy’s INGREZZA story

Now, with fewer TD movements, Amy feels less self-conscious—and she and her partner Kim are back to being more active and social.

Amy was compensated by Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. to share her story

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Patients and care partners were compensated by Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. to share their stories

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TD is treatable

Real TD patients and their care partners discuss the impact INGREZZA has had on their lives.

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Trusting your healthcare team

Listen to real TD patients discuss the importance of talking to a healthcare provider about TD.

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Shift the focus

Hear about the changes that others experienced after their symptoms improved on INGREZZA.

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Life with INGREZZA

Bethany, Moira, and Steve discuss life after starting INGREZZA.

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Moira’s INGREZZA story

With the help of INGREZZA and her husband Forrest, Moira is able to manage her TD and continue her pastoral duties.

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Allison’s INGREZZA story

Determined to find a treatment for disruptive TD movements, Allison started taking INGREZZA. Now, she’s grateful that she can focus on her family and friends, not her TD.

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Bethany’s INGREZZA story

Now that the TD movements in her mouth have reduced, Bethany, co-founder of a non-profit organization, feels more confident in her role as a public speaker.

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Nicole’s INGREZZA story

Because she’s more in control of TD movements, Nicole feels less self-conscious in social situations.

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Nycole’s INGREZZA story

With her family’s help, Nycole is determined to live a life with less TD movements.

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Steve’s INGREZZA story

Steve can now enjoy less uncontrollable body movements from TD and get back to his social life.

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Please note that not all candidates will be selected to participate in the program.

Doctor Discussion Guide
Doctor Discussion Guide

Need help talkING to your healthcare provider about your TD movements?

You can use our discussion guide to have a more productive conversation with your healthcare provider about TD and INGREZZA.

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