Start reducING TD movements with INGREZZA.

INGREZZA is different.
It’s the only treatment proven to reduce TD that’s always one capsule, once daily.
And it’s #1 prescribed.

Always 1 capsule, once daily, number 1 prescribed treatment for TD
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Are uncontrollable movements disruptING your day?

If you have persistent, uncontrollable movements and have taken certain mental health medicines, it could be tardive dyskinesia (TD).

See what TD looks like

Since TD is unlikely to get better on its own, now’s the time to talk to your healthcare provider about this treatable condition.

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INGREZZA is clinically proven for reducING TD in adults at 6 weeks.* Most people saw results in just 2 weeks.

*INGREZZA was studied in a 6-week clinical trial. A total of 234 people participated in the study. Results were based on 79 people taking the recommended dose of 80 mg.

In a 6-week clinical study. Post-clinical study evaluation of 149 patients who took 40 mg and/or 80 mg during the first 2 weeks; 64% had at least a 1-point reduction on an uncontrollable movement severity scale.

See how INGREZZA helped make a difference in people’s lives.

Amy, real patient with TD

With INGREZZA, you can keep takING most mental health medicines.

In a clinical study, psychiatric status remained stable overall in people taking INGREZZA for TD, including those who were also taking medicine for:

  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia/schizoaffective disorder
  • Anxiety disorder
Doctor Discussion Guide
Doctor Discussion Guide

Need help talkING to your healthcare provider about your TD movements?

You can use our discussion guide to have a more productive conversation with your healthcare provider about TD and INGREZZA.

Complete the Discussion Guide
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Ready to take the next step?
Find a specialist.

You’ve worked hard to improve your mental health. Don’t let uncontrollable movements hold you back.

Take an important step forward by connecting with a psychiatry or neurology healthcare provider who has experience diagnosing and treating TD.

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