INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules is an FDA-approved treatment for adults with the uncontrollable movements of tardive dyskinesia (TD).

Are your uncontrolled movements always in the spotlight?

Shift the focus more on you with less
tardive dyskinesia (TD) movements.

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Are your uncontrolled movements always in the spotlight?

Shift the focus more on you with less tardive dyskinesia (TD) movements.

Tardive dyskinesia (TD) is a chronic condition characterized by uncontrollable or involuntary movements that can occur anywhere in the body.

INGREZZA is the only once-daily treatment for TD.

In a clinical study, many people taking INGREZZA® (valbenazine) capsules experienced less TD movements.*

*INGREZZA was studied in a 6-week clinical trial. A total of 234 people participated in the study. Results were based on 79 people taking the recommended dose of 80 mg.


Bethany, a real patient living with TD

made a difference
in people's lives.

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You may pay as little as a $0 copay on your INGREZZA prescription.

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Are your uncontrollable body movements TD?

See what TD looks like

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Whether your uncontrollable body movements are mild, moderate, or severe, connecting with a psychiatry or neurology healthcare provider who has experience diagnosing and treating TD is important.

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